baby formula wholesale distributor

Why we became baby formula wholesale distributors

January 20, 2019

How was the Organic Baby Food Shop born? This is not an existential life changing question but a simple matter of need. We were looking for really truly natural organic bio formulas for our newborns. We'd almost given up and decided to go down the route of the 'least evil'. When we had a lightbulb moment as a German friend recommended try Lebenswert Bio formula - with only organic ingredients and no additives like extra sugar, soy or artificial ingredients.

And a star was born. It became our mission to supply great organic formula worldwide with a special love for the USA and Canada where people were raving about our formulas but unable to get a hold of them.

We thought, why stop there? Why not be a baby formula wholesale distributor who can offer formulas at a really good price? That was our motivation to enable people to buy baby formula in bulk online. So we expanded our operations with a base in Germany, to our offices in Austin, Texas,  Los Angeles, California and New Jersey / New York so that we could be great wholesale baby formula suppliers. We feel so happy and proud now that we can help people to buy baby formula wholesale at really good prices and feel safe and secure in the great quality of our formulas.

We fell in love with the Holle brand which has been around since 1933 and were really groundbreaking in bio farming, really cared about the health and wellbeing and natural nurturing of their animals and the grass and other feed that was given to them. We adored how they embraced Demeter standards. We could tell that they cared about sustainability, quality, and the happiness of their animals. It resonated with us and made us feel happy and secure in our baby formula choice. When we met with the official Holle and Lebenswert distributor we immediately saw that we shared a passion and that we wanted to make the formulas widely available, in retail and wholesale, throughout the USA.

We always go the extra step and personally check each shipment before it departs our warehouse in Germany, as well as when it arrives, to ensure the best quality and freshness for your baby.

Our mission is to provide easy and affordable access to the absolute best organic formula in the world, recommended by pediatricians, helping babies receive wonderful nourishment while avoiding the artificial additives in other formulas.

Our wholesale baby formula is popular in the USA and Canada, not only with individual buyers, but with shops as well. We love to see our passion shared and the nutrition of our beautiful babies provided for. We aim to make it easy and available at a great price.

Daniel, our CEO and company founder sums it up the best with his belief in the law of Karma, meaning "Do good and good will come!". 

He says: "There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than helping babies and families and since we started this company I am happier than ever before. It is true what they say, do something you love, and you'll never work one day again in your life!"

We love what we do and maybe it sounds cheesy, but we really do love our customers!"

We hope you enjoy taking advantage of our Wholesale Organic Baby Food Shop with fast and free delivery. We ship all orders from our warehouse in Germany during business days with Free Express Shipping (Only 2 - 5 business days). Your order will be shipped with DPD and delivered by DHL. And if you need formula immediately then you should order from our US site which ships from our 3 offices in the USA:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we love hearing from our customers! Most of all we love sharing the health benefits and peace of mind of really great, healthy, organic baby formulas.

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