Who we are and why we decided to open our warehouse in Germany

Who we are and why we decided to open our warehouse in Germany

August 14, 2018

You might already know us from www.Organicbabyfood.shop which for almost 2 years now has been a growing success distributing Holle, Lebenswert, and HiPP across the US.

The idea of becoming distributors for these organic baby formulas was born due to our own need to supplement breastmilk with formula for our firstborn, due to a low breastmilk supply.

We researched for days what the perfect formula would be, and were shocked, to say the least, reading about the ingredients that were found in the so-called organic formulas in the US.

Fortunately, our family friend in Germany suggested to look into Holle and Lebenswert and we were thrilled. All the toxins and dangerous chemicals that were approved as safe in organic formulas in the US were banned in Europe, and Lebenswert and Holle did not include any of them and were actually going beyond what we knew as Organic, using only Biodynamic products.

We were blown away and ready to give them a try, but ran into the next issue: it seemed that these formulas were not sold in the US, and though we found a few distributors that would ship them to us, the prices were outrageous, customer service almost non-existent and once we received the formulas they were close to the expiration date.

Searching the internet we came in contact with many other parents who had the same issues as we did, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and became distributors.

We started off small with our home based warehouse in Austin, Texas but the demand was so huge we quickly had to move to a  bigger warehouse facility. Soon, we were able to extend our offices to the west coast opening another warehouse in Los Angeles, California and not long after we opened our office and warehouse on the East Coast in New Jersey.

The idea behind having several warehouses around the US was to be able to provide the fastest shipping possible and to offer local customer service.

Each of our offices is run by real parents that use and know the organic formulas we offer inside and out, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our company is 100% family run and our mission is to provide the best formula, at the very best price with free and fast shipping to parents around the US. Seeing the huge success our brand is having and the thousands of positive feedback reviews we were getting, we decided to take our family business to the next level and open our first office and bigger warehouse in Germany so we could ship our organic formula products directly to customers from its place of origin. Working closely with Holle, Lebenswert and HiPP, having our own large warehouse in Germany means that we will not run out of formula, we can do a strict quality control in situ before shipping the products to our warehouses in the US  and we can offer bulk options directly to our customers and partners at the absolute lowest price on the market.

Want more information? Feel free to reach out anytime.  

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