What we love about Holle and Lebenswert Organic (Bio) Formulas

What we love about Holle and Lebenswert Organic (Bio) Formulas

August 15, 2018

What we love about Holle and Lebenswert Organic (Bio) Formulas

Oh.. where to start! There are so many things we love about these organic (bio) formulas that we could go on for days, but we will try to share with you the absolute highlights of why we are in love with Lebenswert and Holle organic (bio) formulas at Organic baby food wholesale shop.

Holle and Lebenswert take the word “ Organic” and “Bio” to a whole new level using only Demeter and Bioland Products in their formulas. Demeter is a well-known trademark in Europe that produces Biodynamic Agriculture. Only very strict regulated partners are allowed to label their product Demeter, and the regulation can only be set by the Demeter Society. Demeter's holistic approach using their biodynamic growing methods means that it actually gives back more to nature that it actually uses for their production.

Holle has the Demeter label and Lebenswert has the Bioland Label which means that they take extreme care of all of their raw ingredients, this includes how they are being processed and cooked, with a continuous and ongoing quality control system.

Holle and Lebenswert work very closely with their Demeter and Bioland farmers, ensuring that both the land and their livestock is being taken care of in pristine conditions.

Absolutely no Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers are being used to grow their raw ingredients.

Holle and Lebenswert check each and every ingredient used for their organic ( bio) formulas to ensure they meet the absolute highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements.

All of Holle and Lebenswert baby foods and organic (bio) formulas are 100% guaranteed to be free of genetically modified ingredients, always with in accordance with the EU regulations.

They never use artificial flavors or colorings and are free of preservatives and refined sugars

They take extremely good care of their animals, making sure they can run freely and pastor for most of the time. They also stand against animal cruelty such as dehorning the cows.

Both Holle and Lebenswert Formulas are designed to give your baby the absolute best nutrition without any dangerous ingredients that are found in organic formulas in the US, promising a healthy development for your baby.

Holle and Lebenswert are highly recommended by pediatricians around the world, especially for babies that have had an intolerance to other baby formulas.

Why did you choose to feed your baby Holle or Lebenswert? We would love to hear your story!

Get all Holle and Lebenswert Organic (BIO) Formulas at the Organic Baby Food Wholesale Shop in bulk, for the absolute best price available. Shipped to you directly from our warehouse in Germany.

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