demeter standard certification

What is the Demeter standard and why is it important?

December 27, 2018

A lot of baby foods and baby formulas aim to be organic, healthy, natural and great for your baby’s health. That’s fantastic! We all want the very best for our babies.

But have you heard of Demeter standards for biodynamic farming?

Maybe you’re actually thinking… hang on… what is biodynamic farming?

Well that’s a great question and it has a really fascinating answer.

To gain a “biodynamic” certification in relation to Demeter standards a farm has to have:

  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem preservation
  • soil husbandry
  • livestock integration
  • prohibition of genetically engineered organisms
  • and view the farm as a living “holistic organism”.

That’s a pretty big and comprehensive list of requirements. And it has to be renewed on an annual basis! So you can see that this certification is serious, it really means business! And that is good not only for your baby formula choice if you choose biodynamic, but also for the world, sustainability and the future of your child.

So what does that mean for your ethical baby formula choice? Well, when you choose a Demeter standards for biodynamic farming certified baby formula, like those available on our website:

You are choosing to buy baby formula that has been produced by a farm that cares about our future. A company that is dedicated to health and sustainability. That doesn't use artificial chemicals in the soil. That uses herbal and mineral additives instead.


So where did the Demeter certification standard come from?

Demeter meaning has a really cool origin! It’s biodynamic farming that was named after Demeter the Greek goddess of grain and fertility.

Pretty cool right! I mean, almost everyone has had a Greek goddess dream at some point… right??? Oh dear I hope that’s not just us. The gluttony, the fruit, the comfortable togas, the rich wines. It’s all quite idyllic apart from the lack of plumbing and internet.

Demeter biodynamic certification was founded as a charity in Berlin in 1927. It is now used in over 50 countries to verify that biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing. What really struck our heart strings was the words from the company:

The behavioral and species- specific characteristics of farm animals are given respectful consideration when determining their housing and general living conditions. Creating an environment that does not unnecessarily restrict their movements and innate behavior, including housing that allows the animals to move freely, is necessary.”

-Demeter Biodynamic® Farm Standard

There is a focus, not only on using homeopathic remedies, not allowing antibiotics, using herbal and mineral alternatives, but also there is a real focus on the life and comfort of the animals. They can move freely. “every animal must be given a dry, soft and insulated spot where it can lie down and rest.”

OK these may sound like small and simple things. But they’re not. They’re a fundamental freedom that we give to a sentient creature. Have you ever hugged a cow and looked into its eyes? I have. They are soulful. They feel and think and know. They deserve a comfortable life and our respect. They’re beautiful!

The Demeter certification assures you, as a parent, that your baby formula comes from a verified biodynamic farming source. For us that is a big deal and Demeter farming is what we hope to see more of in our future.

So we hope that you choose a Demeter certified formula for your gorgeous baby and feel great in your decision that you are supporting a sustainable future for your child.

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