We love Lebenswert because Lebenswert loves our babies

We love Lebenswert because Lebenswert loves our babies

September 22, 2018

Lebenswert was our personal choice when we had to supplement our first born with organic baby formula. Not only is this magic baby formula recommended by thousands of pediatricians in both Europe and the US, but we have also read thousands of reviews by real parents that waved about the benefits of this formula.

After finally getting our hands on Lebenswert stage 1 ourselves,  we can confirm that it is the best organic formula available, made with no artificial ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, no corn syrup, no cane sugar, no gluten, and no soy, ingredients often found in even so-called organic baby formulas in the US.

Moreover, the formula exceeds the strict EU guidelines concerning organic farming practices, meaning that it is produced with milk from grass-fed free-range cows raised in an exclusively organic and biodynamic farming environment, absolutely hormones or pesticides free. That is why all Lebenswert products carry the “Bioland” certification.

Sustainability and Bio-farming go hand in hand. Bio-farming preserves all-natural resources and has many positive effects on the environment. Lebenswert proudly stands for sustainability, treating all plants, the soil, animals, and nature with respect and in complete harmony.

Furthermore, Lebenswert Bio contributes to the reforestation of regional forest areas by donating 1 cent per product sold.

All of Lebenswert Bio Products are produced solely on organic farms, based in Germany and Austria.

These farms keep the cows, that produce the milk for the organic bio formulas, in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Bioland Association, which uses only biodynamic and sustainable farming techniques.

Knowing all the facts mentioned above, as also our own experience and thousands of online reviews from other parents, we are certain that if you choose to feed your baby Lebenswert, you have made the right decision!

We offer Lebenswert all stages at the absolute very best price, shipped to you directly from our warehouse in Germany, where we work closely with its distribution partners. We want to make sure every parent has access to this amazing formula, that is why we now also ship to Canada.

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