Holle Lebenswert Canada

Organic Baby Food Wholesale now also shipping to CANADA!

September 24, 2018

Just over one year ago, our journey began and we would have never dreamed that based on our own need to feed our firstborn what we still strongly believe to be the best organic baby formula in the world, would now be a successful international company, with offices and warehouses all over the US as also in Germany!

Our mission is and will always be to supply parents with Lebenswert, Holle, and HiPP, 3 brands that stand for sustainability, real organic farming, the environment and producing the best baby formulas in the world! 3 brands that we 100% trust! 

A little over a year ago we launched our retail store, Organic Baby Food Shop and as for today, we have been able to provide our organic baby formulas to thousands of happy parents across the US.

We are forever grateful and feel humbled by the support we have received from our loyal customers, making all this possible and we are extremely excited to be given the chance to spread the love into yet another country, Canada.

This is still the beginning of our journey with you, but we promise we will always work even harder to provide the best organic formula to you the fastest and safes tway.

Thank you so much for your continuous trust and support and helping us grow daily!

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