10 reasons why we love HiPP

10 reasons why we love HiPP

August 15, 2018

There are probably more than 100 reasons why we adore HiPP Organic Formulas, but today we want to nail it down to just 10.

  1. Just like the Organic Baby Food Wholesale Shop, HiPP was built by the need of a parent to feed their baby. Back in 1899, Joseph Hipp`s wife was running out of breastmilk supply for their two twins so he hand crushed rusk and milk to create the very first baby cereal. Just like our company, HiPP was built on love!
  2. HiPP was one of the pioneers when it comes to organic agriculture: they were the first ones to sell baby food in jars, avoiding harmful toxins that can be found in plastic. Soon after, they adopted ecological production methods for all of their ingredients which were grown on ecologically farmed fields.
  3. HiPP stands for ecological agriculture and sustainable values, for over 50 years now. They work hand in hand with environmental and ecological organizations, strongly supporting a future free of genetic engineering. They also play a very active role in the  “Biodiversity in Good Company Initiative”
  4. HiPP probably has the biggest network of organic farmers, which currently counts over 6,000 each and everyone selected individually to ensure only the best ingredients.
  5. HiPP stands for sustainable values and EU Organic standards, furthermore, they actually exceed these strict standards.
  6. They choose their farmers wisely, only working with farmers that exceed their high standards, but also ensure that their fields are located far away from any potentially harmful factories close by. This makes all their products free of pollution.
  7. HiPP makes all of their products go through extremely rigorous ongoing tests, ensuring absolute top quality!
  8. HiPP stands for animal rights! They treat all of their animals with respect, letting them live in a harmony with nature and free ranged.
  9. HiPP knows that breastmilk is the absolute best for a growing baby, that is why they keep studying breastmilk very closely so that their formulas are as close as possible to it.
  10. HiPP has a wide range of products for babies with digestive problems such as Anti Reflux, Colic support and Organic Formulas with Probiotics 

Get all HiPP Formulas in bulk for the very best price directly shipped to you from our warehouse in Germany. Each and every product has been checked by us manually to ensure you a high-quality product.

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