Bottle Feeding Baby

How to make bottle feeding easy!

September 12, 2018

Though we believe that breastfeeding is the absolute best for your baby we also know that it is not always possible and this is why we are proud to offer what we believe to be the best organic formulas out there now directly shipped to you from our warehouse in Germany at Organic Baby Food Wholesale.   

You never really stop learning as a parent, and it is inevitable to commit some mistakes. One of the more challenging chapters in our journey was to switch from breastfeeding our little Eleanora to supplementing with formula.

It was tough enough to actually making the decision of supplementing due to low breastmilk supply but then we ran into the next difficulty which was actually finding a formula with none of the “bad stuff” but all of the “good stuff”. Luckily,  we found Lebenswert Stage 1 which gave us an instant peace of mind.

So once we had the right baby formula the next challenge stroke, figuring the entire bottle feeding process out.

In the hope of helping you not do the same mistakes we did, today at the Organic Baby Food Wholesale store we want to share our learnings:

  • Find the right formula: The very first thing that you need to do when deciding to feed formula is to find the right one. Make sure to read, investigate and research, as much as you can before making a decision! Make sure you are know all of the ingredients that are in the formula. There are so many different kinds of formula, and even if labeled Organic (especially in the US), it still may contain many ingredients that are banned in Europe and can potentially be harmful to your baby.  If you want to read more about this topic we invite you to read our blog (link to shop). If you have any questions, please reach out to us anytime we are happy to help.
  • Choose the right stage: Once you made your decision which organic baby formula to buy, make sure to buy the right stage. You can find more information here.  Each stage is specially designed to cover all your babies needs depending on his/her age.
  • Find the right bottle:  We were so happy to have found a true organic baby formula like Lebenswert (link) it only made sense to pick an organic bottle to feed it in. When choosing the right bottle, we tried to stay away from any toxins, such as plastic. Be prepared however, to go through several different types of bottles, until you find your ideal pick for your baby.
  • Don't stress: Your baby might not be too happy with bottle feeding from the beginning. The texture is different from mommy's breast, it doesn't feel or taste the same. Give yourself and your baby some time to adapt it will eventually warm up to the idea.  
  • Bottle preparation: Always follow the instructions closely on how to prepare the bottle and make sure you check the temperature before feeding your baby.  
  • The right position: To avoid your baby swallowing air, always tilt the bottle and ensure that the nipple  is full of formula before feeding. Most babies find it relaxing and comforting to stay close to your or your partner's breast. Don't forget the after meal burping!

What was your experience? We would love to learn from you too.

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