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Holle and the Environment

October 02, 2018

When we make the decision to feed our baby, we try to go for the healthiest option, preparing our little ones for a healthy start and hopefully  for a healthy long life.

But all the love and good nutrient won't make a difference if we destroy the planet we live on, as we only have one mother earth to grow old on. This is one of the hundred reasons why we absolutely love Holle. This great company does not only care for the well being of our little ones but also makes an effort to ensure that they inherit a healthy planet to live on. How? Through sustainability right from the beginning!

Holle started manufacturing baby food using Demeter products for over 80 years. Being manufacturers of baby food comes with a great responsibility: The environment. Holle is very much aware of this and as a result, the company's core values are sustainable management and social responsibility. Holle’s operating methods are based on assuring that our children will be able to live in a healthy environment.

Through a wide range of measures and projects, Holle consistently works hard to be even more sustainable.

Under the motto "Making solid good", Holle participates in global climate protection. Furthermore, since 2013 Holle has been compensating for CO2e emission, that is generated during the production of the milk in their baby formulas. Since 2013 until today, other Holle products have also been CO2  compensated, like Holle Goat Milk formula and Holle milk cereals, being certificated through the biodynamic compost projects of Soil and More in South Africa as also Egypt. Holle also supports a range of projects that support natural diversity instead of genetic engineering.

Holle offers a wide range of organic baby food such as baby formulas, which can be fed from birth, such as Holle Pre, to toddler milk Holle stage 4, starting at 12 months of age to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients and vitamins for a healthy start to life.

It is very obvious that Holle truly cares for our children and the planet they will grow up on, and this is why we are proud to sell their products at the very best price available, shipped to you from Organicbabyfoodwholesale Germany directly to the US and Canada!

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