A healthy start for your baby’s life

A healthy start for your baby’s life

August 23, 2018


One, two, three, GO! If you compare life with a running track you understand that even the smallest anomaly can bring the whole system out of balance and let you stumble or even fall.

And the ultimate kickstart for our babies is definitely breast milk. It provides the baby with everything it needs, in order to get nourished with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, to develop the digestive system and stay strong and healthy.

But at a certain point, we may have to switch to baby food or baby formula. So what food and formula do we need to choose to keep our baby in balance? What should we feed our baby so that it stays healthy and keeps growing in a normal and natural way?

When we became first-time parents and had to supplement with formula,  we started to research the best organic baby formula out there. We heard and read a lot of the so-called organic ingredients in organic baby formula made in the US. Taking a closer look at the actual studies we were horrified, to learn that the following ingredients could easily be found in “organic” baby formulas:

- Synthetic DHA and ARA, which according to studies can cause gastrointestinal distress

- The thickening agent Carrageenan that is linked to causing cancer in humans

- Dioxin, that is highly toxic and can cause developmental problems, can damage the immune system and can also cause cancer.

-  Synthetic Ingredients that are neurotoxic and processed with harmful chemicals that can cause chronic diseases once our babies are grown up

-  Sucrose, the artificial added sweetener that is responsible for sugar cravings

- Genetically Modified Ingredients. So far there are not sufficient studies that prove health deterioration in children but GMO may be associated with cancer, organ failure, and birth defects.

The U.S. still allows some of these ingredients in organic formula, even if strictly prohibited in other countries. That is when we decided to switch to European organic formulas and there was no turning back. Though at first, it was a hassle to actually getting our hands on European Organic Formulas, it was well worth it, as back then it was the safest and healthiest choice and it still is now. The organic baby formulas and cereals by Holle, Hipp and Lebenswert became our trusted brands and we never regretted it.

This was the point that we decided to create the Organic Baby Food Shop. The more knowledge and insights we gained, the more passionate we were about our mission: to provide parents in the U.S. with these amazing organic baby formulas.

The track of life does not demand the fastest runtime. Our babies will crawl, walk, run, jump or stop and look for some flowers in the grass.  Let's ensure that they can do that in a healthy way, in the best physical condition.

Get Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert directly imported to you from our whole sale shop  in Germany, for the absolute best price!

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